A:No. 中间段可以有一个论点展开,也可以拿到满分. 同学们可以参看ETS的第三版 p202页的官方范文5分和4分范文赏析. 但是, 如果有两个至三个理由来证明开头观点更好, 所以平时同学们要多练习Brainstorming快速找理由写提纲.

2.Q: 独立写作中间段的结构是什么?

A: 论点Main pointSentence+论据Details. 尽量不要突兀地写forexample, 需要指明例子之前的论点句. 其中论点句指的是证明开头段中观点的理由, 论据则是该理由的细节展示.


论点Main point Sentence: Anotheradvantage of living with an American family is that the students are in anideal environment to improve his English.

论据Details: For example,each time he has a conversation with someone in the family, thisnative speaker can help him with the pronunciation and grammar. Maybe theyounger children in the family can help him with his homework, too. But themost important thing is that he will be surrounded by English most of timeduring his stay in the United States.

3.Q: 怎么展开一个中间段落才能做到评分标准5分要求呢?

A: 其实有很多方法将论点展开Details, 比如: 我强化班会重点介绍的几种: Specific personal example 少而精的个人经历; General example 多而简的宽泛例子罗列; compare& contrast对比反差; Study &Survey 调查数据; Famous people权威名人; Quotation名言谚语等.

4.Q: 独立写作中间段的论据如果想写个人经历, 应该怎样写才算高分?

A: 注意个人经历内容写到精确具体, 语言做到准确地道形象. 比如:

论点: English does not seem to be spoken by Americansin the same way that it was presented in my textbooks.

个人经历: Take myself for example, the first time I asked anAmerican a question, I got a strange response. The man who answered my questionsaid something sounded like “dunno”. I was sure that I had never studiedthis expression in my textbooks, and I could not find anything like this indictionary. Eventually, I was surprised to learn later from a friend that this wasnothing more than a shorten version of “I do not know”.


A: 这几种方法都是平行关系, 可以挑选一种方法即可展开一个论点句. 当然, 也可以挑选其中两三种方法使得一个段落展开地非常细致.

6.Q: 独立写作是不是中间段字数越多越好?

A: 展开的Details的语言部分非常重要, 比如由电脑自动评分E-rater主要评判Grammar, Usage, Style, Mechanics, Lexical complexity等方面.

7.Q: 独立写作的中间段是不是一定需要 ”辨证式/反证式/让步式” 写法?

A: 有这种辩证式思路文章会写得更全面, 但是这不是必要的. 因为ETS的官方指南和评分标准告诉大家: 托福写作考的并不是该同学对一个观点分析有多么深刻, 主要是语言的表达和内容的清晰. 但是学会让步式写法在托福独立写作中也很有好处, 特别是当展开论点理由不够时.


Doyou agree or disagree with the following statement?

Peopleshould not pay for the public transportation.








[Concession] Admittedly, if people do not pay for public  transportation, the companies which run the transportation business would  suffer from large financial deficit. However, if the government can provide  them with relevant subsidy, there will be nothing to worry about.




Above all, If the public transportation is free for everyone, there  will be less people purchasing and driving cars, and thus, the air pollution  in the cities will be greatly alleviated.




Besides, free public transportation will lower the living expense  for urban commuters.

8.Q: 独立写作中间段如果写了三段, 句首有什么连接词可以使段落之间过渡地更流畅?

A: 比如: Firstly/ To begin with/ Firstof all; Secondly/ Besides/ furthermore/ what’s more/ More importantly, Aboveall /; Thirdly/ Lastly/ Last but not least 等.