Well, to pick up where we left off last time, I believe we agreed that creativity is a mysterious idea. It's one of those things we all recognize when we see it, but we don't really understand what it is. We seem to feel that some people are naturally creative, but we don't know how they got that way. Is creativity a natural gift like good looks? Or is it something that can be acquired like knowledge? Perhaps if we analyze the creative process carefully, we might get some insight into what it is and how it might work in our lives. The creative process has always been accepted as the source of all important work in the arts. But we should not think that creativity plays a role only in the arts. Every major scientific discovery began with someone imagining the world to look differently from the way others saw it. And this is what creativity is all about. Imagining the world in a new way, and despite what you may believe about the limits of your own creative imaginations, we all have the potential to imagine the world in an absolutely new way. In fact, you were born with it. It is your birth right as a human being. And what's more, you use it every day almost every moment of your life. Your creative imagination is what you use to make sense of your experiences. It's your creative mind that gets meaning from the chaos of your experiences and brings order to your world.
好吧,从我们上次停止的地方开始,我相信我们都同意创造力是一种神秘的东西。它是众多我们看到了就会意识到的东西的一种,但是我们并没有真正明白它是什么。我们似乎感觉到有些人天生就富有创造力,但是我们不知道他们是怎样得到的。创造力是一种像容貌一样天生就具有的吗?或者它是一种像知识一样是可以获取的?也许如果我们仔细分析创造的过程,我们也许对它以及它如何在我们的生活中发挥作用有更深的了解。创造的过程总被认为是所有重要艺术作品的源头。但是我们不应该认为创造力仅仅在艺术中扮演重要角色。每一个主要的科学贡献都是由某个人以不同于他人的眼光想象世界而开始的。而且这就是创造力。用崭新的方式想象世界,尽管你可能会认为你自己的想象力有限,我们每个人都有潜力以一种焕然一新的方式想象世界。实际上,你有这种天赋。这是你作为人类天生的权利。更重要的是,你每时每刻都在使用它。你的创造力使你的经历更有意义。你富有创新精神的心能从你混乱的经历中获得灵感,使你的世界井然有序。 ——译文来自: 学英音