We still have far too long to wait until The Vampire Diaries returns on January 5 - but at least we now have a juicy nugget to contemplate during this hiatus.

As first reported by Michael Ausiello, the series will flashback yet again on the 13th episode of season three (scheduled for January 26), this time to 1491, where we'll meet another member of the Original family.
Michael Ausiello(美剧剧透达人)率先放出消息,《吸血鬼日记》第3季13集将会再次闪回,这一次将会闪回到1491年,到时候我们会看到吸血鬼祖先家族的另外一个成员。

Klaus and Rebekah's brother, his name will be Finn and he'll have gotten very close to Katherine on at least one occasion... if you know what we mean!