Passage 2

A pair of entrepreneurs are planning to build and launch a spacecraft that would carry and roast coffee beans in outer space.[Q19] The craft will use the heat of re-entry to roast coffee beans as they float inside it in a pressurized tank. The effect would be to roast the beans all over and produce perfect coffee. The businessmen say that on earth, beans can easily break apart and get burned in the roster. But if gravity is removed, the beans float around in a heated oven, receive 360 degrees of evenly distributed heat and roast to near perfection[Q20]. The spacecraft will reach a height of around two hundred kilometers. The beans would then be roasted in the heat generated by the crafts, twenty minute re-entry into earth's atmosphere. Temperatures in the pressurized tank will be kept to around two hundred degrees Celsius. Once back on earth, the planet's first space roasted beans would be used to make coffee that would be sold for the first time in Dubai. This is where the pair's company is based. It is not clear how much they would charge for a cup. Surprisingly, the space roaster concept should have go ahead, will not be the first attempt to take coffee into space. In 2015, two Italian companies collaborated on the construction of a similar type of spacecraft, which was the first coffee machine designed for use in space.[Q21] 


Q19: What are a pair of entrepreneurs planning to do?
Q20: What does the passage say about coffee beans roasted on earth?
Q21: What did the two Italian companies do in 2015?