Part III Reading Comprehension

Section A

26. [B] conclusion

27. [L] spread

28. [K] slim

29. [A] accurate

30. [O] vulnerable

31. [C] directly

32. [E] evaluate

33. [G] flights

34. [D] either

35. [H] largely


Section B

36. [F] The city is no empty.

37. [I] Park Yeon See, the man who first imagined Songdo,

38. [D] Chances are you’ve actually seen this place.

39. [G] What’s happened is that our focus on creating that quality of life

40. [B] The 18th century really was a waterborne century,

41. [E] The city was supposed to be a hub for global companies,

42. [H] But this is not Star Trek.

43. [A] Getting around a city is one thing-and then there’s the matter of

44. [J] Songdo’s backers contend that it’s still early,

45. [C] Songdo is a stone’s throw from South Korea’s Incheon Airport,


Section C

Passage One

46. [B] It may encourage other US cities to follow suit.

47. [C] Take legal action against it

48. [D] It criticized the measure through advertising.

49. [B] Help people to fix certain long-time health issues

50. [A] They are becoming rather sensitive issues.


Passage Two

51. [D] The use of microwaves emits more CO2 than people think.

52. [A] They are becoming more affordable.

53. [B] Improving microwave users’ habits

54. [A] There are far more emissions from cars than from microwaves.

55. [C] It plays a positives role in environmental protection.