Garfield, Tom, meet your new competitor, Doraemon.

According to TV Asahi Corp., Doraemon, the quintessential Japanese anime cat which first appeared in comic books in 1969, will make its debut in the U.S. this summer on the Disney XD channel.

The animation series has been broadcast in 35 countries, mainly in Asia.

A spokeswoman at Walt Disney Japan Ltd. said that the U.S. company is excited about the agreement and honored to air the show.

Doraemon was created by a pair of animators who went by the name Fujiko Fujio. Its episodes regularly feature the robot cat helping the preteen protagonist of the series, Nobita Nobi, using futuristic gadgets that he pulls out his special pocket.

Some changes will be made for the English-dubbed episodes including the names of the characters and Doraemon’s unique devices.

“Nobita will be renamed as Noby in the U.S. series,” said a spokeswoman at TV Asahi, which airs the anime series in Japan and handled the negotiations with Disney. Takeshi Goda, Nobita’s bullying friend better known as Gian, will be renamed Big G. Suneo Honekawa, another friend of Nobita’s, will be simply referred to as Sneech.
朝日电视台的发言人表示,在英文版《哆啦A梦》中,大雄的名字会是Noby,老是欺负大雄的胖虎名字会变成Big G,大雄的另外一位朋友小夫名字会变成Sneech。

Dokodemo Door, a device used by Doraemon that allows users to travel anywhere in the world instantly, will be renamed Anywhere Door. Doraemon’s favorite dish, dorayaki or bean-jam pancakes, will be referred to as yummy buns, according to the spokeswoman.
根据该发言人,可以让人一秒随意想去哪儿就去哪儿的哆啦A梦道具“任意门” 被改成了 Anywhere Door,机器猫最爱吃的铜锣烧则直接被称为了 yummy buns。

Doraemon will air for 26 episodes on the Disney XD channel starting from an unspecified date in the summer.