2 Disaster for Gabriel Oak
2 盖伯瑞尔·奥克遭遇灾难

Young Farmer Oak was in love. He waited for the girl's regular visits to the sick cow just as impatiently as his dog waited to be fed. He discovered that her name was Bathsheba Everdene,and that she lived with her aunt,Mrs Hurst. His head was so full of her that he could think of nothing else.

解析:regular 定期的、有规律的、经常的
eg: But regular cleaning will keep the metal from rusting.

think of 考虑、想起
eg: “What are you thinking of?”

‘I'll make her my wife,’he declared to himself,‘or I'll never be able to concentrate on work again!’

解析:concentrate 集中、全神贯注
常用短语:concentrate on 全神贯注做某事
eg: You must concentrate all your energies on the study of English.

When she stopped coming to feed the sick cow,he had to find a reason for visiting her. So he took a young lamb,whose mother had died,and carried it in a basket across the fields to Mrs Hurst's house.

解析:feed 饲养、喂养
eg: Bees feed on nectar and pollen from flowers.

‘I've brought a lamb for Miss Everdene,’he told Bathshe-ba's aunt. ‘Girls usually like looking after lambs.‘

‘Thank you,Mr Oak,’replied Mrs Hurst,‘but Bathsheba is only a visitor here. I don't know if she'll keep it. ’