Last week, the world briefly stopped spinning when news broke about the Friends reunion special. Just to think, we were already ecstatic over the new Central Perk-themed coffee shop that opened in Wisconsin, and then we hear that our six faves are coming back to TV.

But of course, good things take time, and the unscripted reunion special (as it's not a reboot or continuation) isn't slated to drop on HBO's new upcoming service, HBO Max, until May.
但是,当然,好事多磨,这个无剧本的重聚特辑(既不是重拍也不是续集)预计5月份才会在 HBO即将推出的新服务HBO Max上播出。

How will we pass the time? It's just so far away. Well here's a suggestion: Play a nice everlasting game of Monopoly, duh! Better yet, there's now a special Friends-themed Monopoly game available exclusively on Amazon, and we're ready to clear the coffee table (and our schedules) and get down to business.

While the game was released in 2018, it was only available in the UK at the time. Now the US version is here, and yes, you can have it by tomorrow because it's on Amazon Prime.

The Monopoly Friends Edition differs from the original Monopoly as players aren't buying/selling only properties per se, but rather shelling out money for iconic moments from the series.

For example, if a player lands on the 'Monica Gets a Roommate' square, he or she can choose to buy the moment or not. Other squares to buy include: Ross’ Teeth, All the Thanksgivings, and Phoebe Gets Married. Just like how the classic game board features squares like "Income Tax," players of the Friends version will also be subject to pay extra fees too, if their pawn lands on the 'Central Perk Tab.' Players can also invest and/or trade Central Perk sofas and coffee mugs.
例如,如果一个玩家走到“莫妮卡的新室友”的格子,他/她能选择是否要买下这个时刻。其他可以买的格子还有:“罗斯洗牙”、“感恩节大怀旧”和“菲比结婚”。和这款经典游戏有“个人所得税”这样的特殊格子一样,《老友记》 版的玩家的棋子落到了“中央公园”这一格的话也需要交额外的费用。玩家也能投资和/或交易“中央公园”沙发和咖啡杯。