Purchasing Supervisor
·Excellent material planning and purchasing skills.
·Outstanding supplier base development and management capability.
·Master of MRP.
·Valuable inventory control experience and skills.
Name: Stella Li   Gender:Female   Date of Birth:August 23th,1975
Martial Status:Married   Email Address:
Tel:(010)   Mobile Phone:
08/1999 - 08/1999  XXXX Technology Co., Ltd  Purchasing supervisor
·Mainly engaged in supplier approval, rating and development and supplier management.
·Supervising a team to perform purchasing activities and tracking their performance.
·Leading the local sourcing in China and driving the on-going cost reduction plan.
·Ensuring the supply pipeline to maintain the production, while the inventory is under control.
·Purchasing procedure update and value-added process implementation.
·Be sensitive to the worldwide supply market and identify potential supply risks from vendors and take action accordingly.
1997/02 - 1999/07 XXXX  Senior Purchaser
·Vendor selection and development, price & terms negotiation and allocation update.
·On-going cost reduction with vendors via raw material price negotiation, vendor product cost composition analysis and other source benchmarking, to meet/exceed target.
·Material supply assurance & inventory control.
·Vendor performance evaluation and quality improvement.
--As I perfectly controlled the material quality and delivery time,the sales department was strongly supported and orders were shipped on time and without shortage and effeciently reduced wastage. The total sales amount was raised from ganji.3 Million USD to 5 Million USD, enlarged business scope and attracted big customers.
1996/08 - 1997/01  XXX  Purchaser
·Base on MRP to release orders and track the delivery.
·Coordinate with related function for new vendor approval and ECO control.
01/07/1996  JiangSu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang, China
Automobile and Tracker design and manufacture Bachelor
Computer Auto CAD, Lotus Notes user