name: jianli-sky nationality: china
current residence: guangzhou, china: han
domicile: guangzhou stature: 160 cm kg
marital status: single age: 26
job search intention and work experience
personnel types: ordinary job
position: procurement, trade with the single / with a single assistant
job type: full-time arrived to date: one week
salary requirements :3500 - 5000 hope working area: guangzhou
work experience
company name: guangzhou garment co., ltd.
beginning and ending date :xx-09 ~ xx-05
company type: private industry: trading / import & export
ren position: business with a single
job description: --- responsible cowboy series model, the production of goods, shipment follow-up.
--- deal with guests daily incoming and outgoing mail, confirm the order details.
--- new model costing and pricing.
--- material procurement.
educational background
graduated: guangdong provincial economic and trade school
highest level of education: college
graduation date :xx -07-01
by major: business english
i am confident and optimistic, have the right and upward values ??of life. the enthusiasm and enterprising, industrious and pragmatic, the courage to challenge and exploration, has the responsibility of doing things carefully, in harmony with people, good coordination and cooperation. work, has accumulated a certain amount of work and the experience of doing things, while good at summing up experience and analysis, to make themselves continue to grow and mature.