Here are three tips for explaining an employment gap:

1. Be honest and upfront. Trying to lie or bluff your way through isn't the way to do things, and to be perfectly honest, most good hiring managers will see straight through you. Explain the circumstances of the gap in an honest and straightforward manner.
1. 坦率并且诚实。试图说谎或虚张声势不是解决问题的方式。你要绝对诚实。大多数人事经理都会直接看穿你。在解释职业空窗期的时候,态度必须坦诚。

2. Think outside the box. If you're between jobs and you're worried it'll end up being an extended gap, consider doing voluntary work. This will give you something recent to put on your resume. You should also consider taking relevant courses. This shows you are an ambitious individual who is always looking to improve their skill set.
2. 出其不意。如果你正处职业空窗期,并且担心这会继续持续一段时间,你可以考虑做义工。这样,在自己的简历上就有东西可写了。也可以考虑上一些相关课程。这表明自己是一个很有上进心的人,总是在寻找机会提升自己。

3. Explain the skills you picked up while you were out of employment. Many people think that offices and classrooms are the only place where you learn things, but this simply isn't true. For example, if you've spent time away from the workforce looking after your children, focus on the strengths you needed, such as discipline, organization, and the ability to multitask. "If you have traveled, you may have picked up international knowledge, which would be useful for a business looking to increase its global presence," Caan explains.
3. 在简历上写出空窗期内自己所掌握的技能。很多人都认为办公室和课堂是唯一学习东西的地方,但是很明显这是不对的。例如,如果你在离职期间照顾自己的孩子,那么,强调自己在照顾孩子的时候所需要的能力,例如,条理,组织能力以及同时处理多项任务的能力。如果你去旅行了,你可能获得了外国的知识,这就可能对于想要提升国际影响力的公司会很有用。

Make the hiring manager aware of all your skills, and explain how they're relevant and how they'll help in the job you are applying for.