One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your career is not understanding that there are certain codes and rules to abide by in the workplace. If you're not careful, you may even lose opportunities because others are put off by your lack of professionalism. To get a better idea of the office etiquette you should be aware of the following tips:

1. Don't interrupt your colleagues. Not only is it disrespectful but it's a sign of "poor social skills".
1. 不要打断你的同事。这样不仅失礼,也是你社交技巧不佳的表现。

2. Pull the plug on office chatter. It's okay to bond with your colleagues but when they're walking with you to continue the conversation that's when you know it's too much.
2. 不要在办公室闲聊。和同事聊会天没什么问题,但如果同事走到你身边继续会你聊八卦的话,你就该知道有点过了。

3. Don't be loud. It's not just rude, it's intrusive. Keep quiet and you won't invade other people's personal space.
3. 不要大声。这样不仅粗鲁,还会冒犯到别人。保持安静,你就不会侵犯别人的私人空间。

4. Don't eat smelly food. It can be very offensive to a coworker, so save the smelly Tuna or bag of buttery popcorn for your down time at home.
4. 不要吃有味道的食物。这样做很冒犯同事,所以把金枪鱼或爆米花留着在家里吃吧。

5. Don't use slang or text-speak. An email should be handled as a formal letter. And don't forget, emails can be kept on a company's record for years.
5. 不要用俚语或短信传递信息。电子邮件应该作为正式信件处理。别忘了,电子邮件可以被保存在公司记录里很多年。

6. Office attire should stay on the conservative side. It's best to be traditional. Still, not all offices are the same so think about who you're meeting with and then plan your wardrobe accordingly.
6. 办公室着装应该保守些。最好是传统着装。不过,并不是所有办公室都一样,所以想想你要和谁见面,然后准备相应服饰。

7. Keep your ring tone under control. The music can be distracting, so it's best to keep your phone on vibrate.
7. 控制电话音量。手机铃声会分散注意力,所以最好把手机调成震动。

8. Keep the office clean. Your boss shouldn't have to tell you this.If you have food in the refrigerator that you don't take home, it should get thrown out. Be clean.
8. 保持办公室清洁。你的老板不会告诉你这个。如果你在冰箱里放了食物而且不带回家,那就应该把它们扔了。请保持干净。

9. Don't take personal calls at your desk. If you have to, then it's fine to take a personal call at your desk sometimes, but end it quickly so that you don't disturb those around you — especially if it's an open office space.
9. 不要在办公桌边接私人电话。如果你不得不接,那有时候这样做是可以的,但快点结束通话,这样不会打扰你周围的人——尤其在开放式办公室。

10. Don't come to work if you're too sick. The rule of thumb is if you're contagious you should stay home. But if you just have sniffles you should be at the office. If we took a day off every time we didn't feel well, we'd never be at the office.
10. 如果病太重就不要来上班。经验之谈是如果你有传染疾病就最好呆在家里。但如果你只是小感冒,你应该来上班。如果我们每次不舒服时都请假,就别再办公室混了。


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