Having the boss over for dinner can be a very pivotal moment in your career. It can bring your relationship and therefore career on to a whole new level. But it is also a major risk. You are inviting this person and their family or significant other into your home and possibly cooking a meal for them. You are completely exposing yourself. That’s why we thought we would talk to experts about exactly what you should not do.


1.Do not bring up awkward sensitive office matters

Loose lips sink promotions and opportunities, says career coach, personal branding expert and author Ellen Lubin-Sherman.  Do not bring up matters of sensitivity such as office romances.
职业生涯导师、个人形象塑造专家和作家Ellen Lubin-Sherman告诫说,大嘴巴会让你错失升职和其他各种机会。不要提及敏感话题,例如办公室恋情。


2.Do not share the office gossip and judge your coworkers

Surely you jest, says career coach, personal branding expert and author Ellen Lubin-Sherman. “You’re going to offer your evaluations of other employees to the boss?   Most unseemly and unprofessional,” she said.
Ellen Lubin-Sherman 说,你肯定只是开个玩笑而已。“你是在想你的老板评价你的同事吗?这个时候是最不适宜,最不得体的时候。”

Cosimina Nesci, Personal & Corporate Image Brand Specialist, told about office politics at work: Discussing other employees demonstrates your lack of loyalty to your colleagues and the organization.
个人及公司形象塑造专家Cosimina Nesci谈及办公室政治时说,谈论自己的同事说明你缺乏对公司和同事的忠诚。


3.Do not get drunk

Bottoms up but not for you, says career coach, personal branding expert and author Ellen Lubin-Sherman. One glass of wine will suffice, as you want to keep your head on straight.
Ellen Lubin-Sherman说,一仰而尽对你不合适。如果你想保持头脑清醒,一杯葡萄酒已经足够。


4.Do not treat your boss like your best friend

Do not confide in your boss during the dinner. That includes:  Marital and children problems, money issues, and speeding tickets.


5.Do not make this the time to try new, exotic recipes

Do not experiment with unfamiliar dishes for the dinner’s menu。Serve the food you’ve made on previous occasions that received rave reviews.


6.Do not throw your boss out like you would with your friends

Do not yawn or look at your watch if the boss has overstayed his welcome.  Consider it a compliment.


7.Dress the part

Cosimina Nesci, Personal & Corporate Image Brand Specialist, told that visual appearance is still important. Dress for the occasion whether it is shorts by the pool and BBQ or a formal dinner.
个人及形象塑造专家Cosimina Nesci表示,这个时候外表形象仍然很重要。无论是在游泳时穿着短裤,烧烤时休闲一身,还是晚宴时优雅正式,着装一定要适宜。


8.Get rid of the kids

Unless it is a specified family party then get a babysitter so you don’t have to worry about the kiddos.


9.Avoid controversial topics

Manhattan psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona told that avoid potentially emotional topics like politics, religion, or other subjects that typically involve strong feelings and opinions. If you want to avoid direct questions about your opinion on loaded subjects, try responding with a general question related to the same topic.
曼哈顿心理学家Joseph Cilona博士讲到,避谈可能存在争议的话题,例如,政治、宗教或其他存在强烈感情或个人观点的话题。如果你想避谈相关问题,可以试着将这个问题转向所有人。

Also, keep on topics that are introduced by who you’re speaking with, said Cilona. Use clarifying questions to confirm and validate the speakers point of view. Ask direct questions or try to speculate what the person is feeling emotionally and integrate this into your responses. For example, “It sounds like you’ve been really passionate about sailing for a long time. How often are you able to enjoy it?”