1. 给......带来机遇和挑战 present (bring) both opportunities and challenges to

  2. 给......带来积极影响 bring a more positive impact on

  3. 给予财政资助 support financially

  4. 有巨大潜力 have huge potential for

  5. 开发 / 青睐中国市场 tap / favor the Chinese market

  6. 申请专利 apply for a patent

  7. 阻碍......的经济发展 handicap (hamper) the economic development

  8. 增加农业投入 invest more in agriculture

  9. 有望达到(上升到) be expected to reach (rise to, be up to)

  10. 造成很大压力 pose a big pressure on

  11. 占领市场10% occupy (take, account for ) 10 percent of the market

  12. 缩小.....间的距离 narrow the gap between

  13. 加快经济发展和结构调整 speed up economic development and restructuring

  14. 夺回失去的市场 take back lost market

  15. 减轻......的负担 reduce (lighten) the burden of (on)

  16. 采取反垄断措施 take anti-monopoly measures to

  17. 加快努力 speed up efforts to

  18. 在......建立分公司 set up branches in

  19. 促进改革 promote reform

  20. 面对可能的压力和竞争 face possible pressure and competition

  21. 充分利用 make full use of

  22. 把......列为基本国策 list…as fundamental national policies

  23. 发挥自身优势 give full play to one’s advantages

  24. 开拓市场 exploit markets

  25. 扩大消费市场 expand consumption market

  26. 改善投资环境 improve the environment for investment

  27. 加强风险防范 prepare oneself against possible risks

  28. 扩大贫富差距 widen the gap between the rich and the poor

  29. 为......提供巨大商机 present huge business opportunities

  30. 快速稳定增长 grow fast and steadily

  31. 让......处于同一起跑线 put… on the same platform and at the same starting point

  32. 赶超先进 surpass the advanced

  33. 遵循市场经济的规律 follow the law of market economy

  34. 根据市场作出调整 gear ourselves to the market orientation

  35. 牟取暴利 seek excessive profits

  36. 做好充分准备 make good preparations for

  37. 对......造成/构成威胁 form /pose a threat to…

  38. 和......合作 cooperate with

  39. 和......进一步合作 further cooperation with

  40. 提高公务员工资 raise the salaries of civil servants