As fans eagerly await Taylor Swift's next album, theories about her future releases have started to appear online. One eagle-eyed fan is convinced that Swift has been dropping hints about new music for some time now.

In fact, the receipts are pretty convincing. But, it's important to stress that fan theories are pure speculation, and the content of Swift's next album will likely be kept under wraps until she surprises us all with it herself.

The so-called "evidence" supposedly suggests that Swift's next record is all about time. The receipts include a clock, which is allegedly a set prop from a new video by the "Mean" singer, and a message she wrote to the band Haim, regarding their latest single.

As Swift has made fans wait for her new album, instead of sticking to her usual two year release schedule, it's certainly possible that time itself has become an important inspiration for the singer.

The jury is still out on whether or not any of this "evidence" is for real, but as Swift loves hiding secret messages in the liner notes of her albums, it's definitely not out of the question.