1.【CRI新闻】系列听写,选用中国国际广播之声(China Radio International)的相关国际新闻内容。
2.本期新闻摘要: 埃及开始议会选举 刚果民主共和国开始总统立法选举 菲律宾一酒店爆炸 阿盟对叙利亚新制裁 暂不撤离叙利亚中国公民 应对气候变迁 公务员考试

Egypt's parliamentary elections set to begin

Egyptians are preparing to vote in the opening stage of the first elections since former President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February.Monday will be the first step in an election timetable which lasts until March 2012 and covers two houses of parliament.The first stage, running until January, covers elections to the 508-member People's Assembly.Thousands of protesters are continuing to occupy Cairo's Tahrir Square, ____1____ . The army chief has warned of "extremely grave" consequences if the country does not overcome its crisis.Monday also marks the 10th day of the renewed protest. At least 41 people have been killed and more than 2,000 wounded during clashes with security forces.

DR Congo commences presidential, legislative elections as polls open

The Democratic Republic of Congo has officially launched its presidential and legislative elections.More than 32 million voters have been registered to vote in 63,000 ____2____ . Eleven candidates, including the incumbent Joseph Kabila, are contending in the presidential election.Provisional results are expected to be announced on Dec. 6.

Blast kills three at Philippine hotel

Three people are dead and more than 20 others injured____3____ Philippines.Reports say most of the casualties were at the hotel in the city of Zamboanga to celebrate a local wedding.Officials have blamed the Abu Sayyaf group - a small Islamic militant organization with links to al-Qaeda.

AL punishes Syria with new sanctions

The Arab League is now imposing new sanctions against Syria.The move came after Syria missed a deadline to allow observers into the country.Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim."The council has decided, one, to ban all Syrian officials from travel to Arab countries, two, to cut off transactions with the Syrian central bank, three, to halt trade with the Syrian government, ____4____ , four, to freeze all monetary accounts of the Syrian government."Syria ____5____ , accusing the Arab League of trying to "internationalize" the conflict.Syria depends on its Arab neighbors for half of its exports and a quarter of its imports.

China has no plan to evacuate Chinese citizens in Syria yet

In the meantime, Chinese ambassador to Syria Zhang Xun says efforts are being made to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in Syria. However, he says by far there is no plan to evacuate Chinese citizens residing there back home.He says there are around seven hundred Chinese living in Syria, all of whom are currently safe.

Climate change talks begin today

Delegations from more than 190 countries are gathering in Durban, South Africa to start the new round of climate change talks, ____6____. The meeting will last two weeks. Tensions are expected to intensify in the second week as____7____ . A recent United Nations report said there's still a huge gap between current actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and those needed to ensure that the global temperature rise stays under a safe line.

Nearly 1 mln people tested for public offices

About 970-thousand people____8____ , or "Guokao", here in China.There are roughly 18-thousand positions available in the coming year.This means that only 1 out of every 54 people who have taken the "guokao" will get a job. In one of the most competitive positions, more than 4-thousand have tested for a position offered by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. The number of examinees is slightly smaller than last year's total of 1.03 million.
答案:demanding the military council hand power to a civilian government polling stations under the supervision of several international observers after an explosion ripped through a small hotel in the southern except for strategic products that would affect the Syrian people has condemned the sanctions as a betrayal of Arab solidarity in an effort to slash greenhouse gas emissions and reduce risks to humanity the most crucial decisions and negotiations on tough issues will happen at the ministerial level meeting when most environment ministers arrive have turned up to sit the annual public service exams