1.【CRI新闻】系列听写,选用中国国际广播之声(China Radio International)的相关国际新闻内容。
2.本期新闻摘要: 行车要安全 山林火灾 里约热内卢房屋倒塌 紧急经济软着陆 叙利亚红新月会官员遭暗杀 美国国防部部长出新国防预算

7 dead, 23 injured in two road accidents in south China
Seven people are dead, and at least 23 others hurt, in two separate highway crashes in Guangxi.In the first crash last night, a car rear-ended a coach on a state-level road in Xiangzhou County, killing four and injuring 3 others. In a separate crash overnight, 3 people have been killed and more than 20 hurt ____1____ Guangxi's capital Nanning with the tourist city of Beihai.
2,500 battling mountain forest fire in SW China
One of the most popular attractions in Yunnan's tourist city of Lijiang is under threat from a forest fire.The fire, which started yesterday morning, is about 5-kilometers from Yulong Snow Mountain.Around 25-hundred firefighters,____2____ .Heavy winds near Lijiang are said to be complicating the situation, although reports do suggest that much of the blaze is under control.The cause of the fire is still unclear.
6 dead, 6 injured in building collapse in Rio
At least six people are dead, and six others hurt, following the collapse of three buildings in downtown Rio de Janeiro.The collapse in the Brazilian city happened late Wednesday evening.The buildings, which were 20, 10 and 5 storeys, included a bank, a retail outlet and a number of small offices.Engineers are trying to determine the cause of the collapse, with suspicion falling on the 20 storey building, ____3____.
Emerging economies should "ensure soft landing": IMF
The International Monetary Fund has emphasized the urgency for emerging countries to ensure a soft landing amid the deepening euro zone crisis. In its updated World Economic Outlook Report, the IMF says the near term focus for emerging and developing countries should be____4____ . The IMF outlined policy options for emerging countries in the note it prepared recently for G20 Deputy Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in Mexico city. It said____5____ .It advised economies with low inflation, high public debt and large external surpluses to increase social spending.
UN chief "deeply concerned" by killing of senior Syrian Arab Red Crescent official
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has issued an expression of deep concern over the death of the secretary-general of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.At the same time, Ban Ki-moon is calling on the Syrian government to bring the perpetrators to justice. Doctor Abd-al-Razzaq Jbeiro was ____6____ of the city of Idlib, in what appears to have been a targeted attack.Jbeiro was inside a red-crescent vehicle at the time.
Pentagon chief announces spending, personnel cuts in new defense budget
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has unveiled the Pentagon's budget request for the 2013 fiscal year.The ____7____.The Pentagon's base budget request is set at 525 billion dollars for the year starting October.Panetta says it falls in line with the President's overall plan to cut military spending by almost 490-billion dollars over the next decade.At the same time, Panetta says the number of active members of the US Army is going to be reduced from 570-thousand down to 490-thousand in the next 5-years.
答案:when a coach overturned on an expressway linking police officers and military personnel have been activated to try to keep the fire from spreading which was undergoing renovations at the time on responding to moderating domestic demand and slowing external demand from advanced economies monetary policies could be eased in economies with diminishing inflationary pressure shot in cold blood by a group of armed men in the suburbs request includes plans to significantly cut defense spending and Army personnel