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All the Tea in China: green tea (外教品茶第一讲:绿茶)

In the west there is a popular saying, “I wouldn’t give it up for all the tea in China.” For example: I love my new sports car so much, I wouldn’t give it up for all the tea in China; or, These sunglasses are so cool, I wouldn’t trade them for all the tea in China. (小编:俚语“I wouldn’t give it up for all the tea in China”,就算是用全中国的茶来还我也不要换。以前中国的茶叶和香料在西方是贵族专享品,很贵重,类似于现在的象牙玛瑙LV之类的东西,所以这里的用法意思显然是表示“再好的东西跟我换我也不要换)

So, how much tea is “all the tea in China” exactly? Well, that’s what this series is about. Let’s look at some popular (and maybe some not-so-common) varieties of Chinese tea and discuss their unique qualities. Since this is the first lesson, let’s start with the most popular one:

Lesson 1: Green Tea

Green tea is as synonymous with China as kung-fu and pandas Or kung-fu pandas!(小编:看来Aaron本人还是很喜欢绿茶的,多喝有抗癌功效哦)

There are so many varieties of green tea, though, some of the more common ones include:

六安瓜片 Liuan Leaf, Jinzhai Anhui
黄山毛峰 Yellow mountain Tip, Huangshan Anhui
西湖龙井 Dragon Well, Hangzhou Zhejiang
洞庭碧螺春 Dongding Green Spiral, Suzhou Jiangsu (My favorite!)

And, of course, Gunpowder The word “bitter” is often used to describe the taste of green tea. In Japan, you will get beheaded by a samurai for putting sugar, honey, or milk in your green tea. I'm serious. The fact is, Western people like their drinks sweet and sugary. Perhaps this is why green tea isn’t so popular in western societies(小编:中国茶文化源远流长,苦涩的味道正是茶的精髓所在,又有“苦口良药”这么一说,说明了苦茶对人身体的益处。品得苦味方知甘甜的来之不易).

Because we like sugar in our drinks...a lot!

Did you know that all tea comes from the same plant? So, if all the common teas come from the same plant then why is green tea green and black tea...black(小编:实际上是红色,所以在中国我们叫它“红茶”而不是“黑茶”)?

Are you ready for a science lesson - after the leaves are picked they are heat treated (殺青) to prevent oxidation. I’m sorry, I know you came here to learn English, not science, so I’ll make it easy for you – oxidation is the same process that causes metal to rust(小编:说白了就是把茶叶炒一炒免得它被氧化蔫儿掉).  

Green tea’s popularity is not a mystery. It's known around the world because of its myriad health benefits. Green tea can treat headaches, depression, helps prevent cancer, and keeps your breath minty fresh(小编:多喝绿茶好处多多:治疗头疼、缓解抑郁、预防癌症,还能保持口气清新,比绿箭还强哦!)

What are you waiting for? Let's enjoy a warm cup of green tea right now. Cheers!
p.s. What do you love more than all the tea in China? Let me know ;~)