Section Ⅱ Use of English   

Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C, or D on ANSWER SHEET 1.   

The United States is a confederation of states. Each state has the(26) to make laws with regard to the state. (27) , based on public opinion, states can(28) policies regarding education, and they may(29) a state income tax; they also determine the speed(30) , housing codes, and the drinking age.   

In most parts of the United States, you(31) be 21 years old to buy alcohol in a liquor store, bar,(32) restaurant. In some states you may buy beer in a grocery store. If a store sells alcohol to a minor, the(33) of the store is usually(34) a large sum of money.(35) , many areas have an open-container law,(36) means that people may not drink alcohol on the street or in a car. Anyone(37) with an open container of alcohol may be arrested.   

(38) , with all of these laws, the(39) of alcohol is a serious(40) in the United States and Canada. Drinking on college campuses,(41) there are many underage drinkers has(42) greatly. In fact, alcohol sales have gone up(43) the legal drinking age was(44) from 18 to 21. Some people believe that if there were no legal drinking age,(45) in some other countries, North American youth would drink less.   

26.A privilege  B advantage  C right  D tradition   

27.A As a result  B For example  C In other words  D In this case   

28.A demand  B disagree  C discuss  D determine   

29.A collect  B issue  C demand  D implement   

30.A limit  B control  B control  D regulation   

31.A can  B shall  B shall  D must   

32.A and  B or  C also  D not   

33.A clerk  Bsalesperson  Cowner  D host   

34.A fined  B charged  C punished  D suffered   

35.A In addition  B In fact  C In reality  D In general   

36.A that  B this  C it  D which   

37.A exposed  B suspected  C caughted  D detected   

38.D detected  B Anyway  C Moreover  D Neverthless   

39.A application  B consumption  C expenditure  D usage   

40.A condition  B crisis  C question  D problem   

41.A though  B as  C where  D which   

42.A raised  B increased  C peaked  D climaxed   

43.D climaxed  B since  C before  D after   

44.A shifted  B upgraded  C uplifted  D changed   

45.A same  B for  C as  D in Section