Section C:
The first passage describes the change in feelings a woman experiences when she spends time with her husband’s initially silent friend who both surprises and tempts her. The next passage is a discussion about the contrast between a family based upon romance, the “love family”, and a family based upon a marriage. The author concludes that the bonds are too loose in a love family and thus have negative consequences for any children involved. Passage C explores the concept of love and how one partner’s actions affect the other’s feelings and development as a person. Essentially the author believes that it is necessary to respect the other’s uniqueness and help him or her develop as an individual.
Pre-reading Activities
First Listening
Please listen to a short passage carefully and prepare to answer some questions.
Initially Mrs. Baroda found her husband’s friend’s silence both puzzling and boring. Her husband, Gaston, had informed her that his friend, Gouvernail, would be staying at the plantation for a few weeks and that he had a great wit. But she found his solemn silence lacking in any interest. The truth was, however, that he was a run-down, exhausted man merely seeking a short rest from overwork. Once he opened up and revealed his true personality, Mrs. Baroda was surprised and shocked by the temptation and desire he created in her, a respectable married woman. She felt it best to depart from the plantation as soon as possible. (108 words)
Second Listening
Listen to the tape again. Then answer the following questions with your own experiences.
1. Why was Gaston’s friend, Gouvernail, staying at the plantation?
2. What did Mrs. Baroda think of Gouvernail?
3. Why did Mrs. Baroda leave the plantation?