新视野大学英语(第二版)第二册Unit 5答案

Unit 5

Section A:

Comprehension of the Text


1. She feels terrible. She wants to weep and she does weep a little.

2. He smoked Prince Albert tobacco in cigarettes he rolled himself.

3. He father was hooked by cigarettes. Though he smoked Prince Albert tobacco, he never looked as fashionable as Prince Albert; he continued to look like a poor, overweight, hard-working colored man with too large a family.

4. By that time, her father’s health had become poor. His breathing was difficult; he had to rest very often when he was climbing stairs. It was not unusual for him to cough for an hour.

5. Money that should be spent for food goes instead to the tobacco companies. As a result, over time, people starve themselves of both food and air, effectively weakening and hooking their children, and eventually killing themselves.

6. Cigarette ends are so poisonous that if a baby swallows one, it is likely to die. Also, the boiled water from a hunch of cigarette ends makes an effective insecticide.

7. she still remembers how carefully she ate when she was pregnant, and how patiently she taught her daughter how to cross a street safely, but now her daughter smokes, which amounts to killing herself by taking poison, as her father did.

8. Smoking is a form of self-battering that also batters others who must sit by.



1. hardened 2. shelter 3. slim 4. weaken 5. Literally

6. noticeable 7. bunch 8. drag 9. grateful 10. hooked


1. leaned on 2. close at hand 3. die of 4. are starved of 5. coupled with 6. is directed...at 7. are...dressed in 8. grateful to 9. struggling to 10. a bunch of


1.J 2.G 3.K 4.M 5.E 6.O 7.D 8.H 9.A 10.C

Word Building


1. Under the pleasant situation the property prices are just beginning to harden again.

2. In the past few years, these inside conflicts have weakened the government's position.

3. Every Sunday the father takes his child to libraries, museums, exhibitions or natural parks, as he believes that this helps to broaden the child's mind.

4. The days are lengthening as summer approaches.

5. As she was waiting for the result to come out, her excitement heightened.

6. The taking on of a new secretary lightened his workload considerably.

7. As he listened to his assistant reporting on the progress of the project, the manager's face darkened with anger.

8. Before night fell, the setting sun reddened the clouds.


1. arrival 2. expectations 3. understandable 4. Visitors 5. freedom 6. profitable 7. lucky 8. gathering

Sentence structure


1. John went to the cinema with his brother, which surprised me.

2. The boy broke the window, for which he was criticized by the teacher.

3. He tore up my photo, by which I was angered very much.

4. It was raining hard, for which the team stayed indoors.

5. Connie changed her mind for the second time, which came as no surprise to us.


1. The teacher spoke so quietly that the students could hardly hear her.

2. The lecture was so boring that many listeners fell asleep.

3. The student has so many books that he does not know what to do with them.

4. The old man was so ill that his neighbors had to send for a doctor.

5. Her remarks are so funny that everyone laughs to tears.



1. He spoke confidently, which impressed me most.

2. My father is so forgetful that he is always looking for his keys.

3. I'm very grateful to you for all the help you have given me.

4. The bad light, coupled with the wet ground, made driving very difficult.

5. Being starved of funds, they had to cancel their plan to start a business.

6. They always lean on us whenever they are in trouble.


1. 飞机可能会晚点几个小时,要是那样,我们等着就没有什么意义了。

2. 乔治常常说谎,因此当他说他考试得了高分时没人相信他。

3. 除了附近位于十字路口的那家小工厂,一切都静悄悄的。

4. 缺少睡眠的人会感到很难集中心思干活。

5. 我安排人去机场接克拉克先生,然后带他去宾馆。

6. 一到达山顶,游客们都高兴地大叫起来。



1.C 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.B

11.D 12.A 13.A 14.D 15.C


There are many problems for mixed marriages. The number one reason is the cultural differences between the mixed couple, like those in customs and lifestyle. Many people have prejudice against mixed marriages. They often feel shocked to see people of different races get married and have doubts about such marriages. What’s more, children from mixed marriages tend to be looked down upon or even badly treated by their peers. Mixed marriages face many trials, and as a result, mixed couples have higher divorce rates than couples of the same race.

Section B:

Reading skills


1. giving them many material possessions

2. change continually and frequently

3. a sudden, uncontrollable feeling of regret

4. makes(the parent-child relationship) go wrong; taking(some of the happiness and mutual respect) away from (parents and their children)

5. start a new course of improved behavior

Comprehension of the Text


1.A 2.C 3.D 4.D 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.C



1. assigned 2. compensate 3. prompt 4. manner 5. tendency

6. undermined 7. submit 8. inferred 9. fluctuates 10. responded


1. Jean wrote the speaker's address down in her notebook for fear that she might forget it.

2. Passengers must show their tickets on demand.

3. Officials are bound to investigate any possible corruption.

4. I took it for granted that you would come with us, so I bought you a ticket.

5. She has been selfish all the time, but she has promised to turn over a new leaf and become more loving toward others.

6. People in this region have pined for a peaceful life since the religious war broke out three decades ago.

7. Poor health had made it difficult for Jim to hold down a job for more than a year.

8. Betty gets very depressed at times because of the pressure of her work.

9. The boys at my school used to make fun of me because I have a flat nose.

10. Jenny kept begging me for a new bicycle, and I finally gave in.