41. In selecting a material, the engineer’s interest is in its properties which determine how it will perform under the loads and condition____it is subject.
A. where B. which C. in which D. to which

42. To meet the ever increasing demand____oil-refining equi pment, the company will produce more of such equipment.
A. of B. on C. with D. for

43. A: "The president made a brilliant decision, didn’t he?"
    B: "Yes, he did. I don’t know what I would have done if I____to make that decision."
A. were B. had had C. have had D. had

44. Animal mothers are devoted to their young and____ them with love and discipline.
A. mind B. watch C. help D. tend

45. The physicists propose that our attention____the use of special methods of thinking and acting.
A. would be directed towards B. should be directed towards C. is directed towards D. directs towards

46. According to the acoustics, continual exposure____ noise of high intensity would lead to loss of hearing.
A. of B. with C. to D. by

47. We are convinced____ the righteousness of our cause.
A. of B. on C. over D. at

48. Urban congestion would greatly be relieved if the____charged on public transport were more reasonable.
A. prices B. tickets C. fees D. fares

49. You’d better let me know as soon as there is a(n)____position in the branch office.
A. empty B. vacuum C. hollow D. vacant

50. They will never reconcile themselves to____.
A. defeat B. their defeat C. be defeated D. have their defeat

51. The matter is not to be ____.
A. watched for B. waited on C. taken over D. trifled with

52. The mother almost____when she learned that her son was shot dead.
A. fell down B. came down C. fell apart D. went to pieces

53. While doing calculation for the project, the designers____a new solution to a geological problem.
A. fell into B. stumbled upon C. set out D. discovered

54. I meant____ you about it, but I forgot to do so.
A. telling B. having told C. to tell D. to have told

55. Everything____into consideration, I propose that the first prize should be given to Liu Qiang.
A. to take B. taking C. taken D. took

56. They____the park of late.
A. will visit B. have visited C. are visiting D. visited

57. The girl was so ____by the mighty river that she would spend hours sitting on its bank and gazing at the boats and rafts going and coming.
A. absorbed B. fascinated C. moved D. touched

58. After traveling in the desert for many days, they found a tiny oasis,where there was a well and ____green grass.
A. a patch of B. a bunch of C. a pinch of D. a packet of

59. After a careful investigation, the committee decided to____the old hall.
A. change B. build C. innovate D. renovate

60. The fierce heat of this summer withered most of the crops____ his farm.
A. in B. on C. of D. from

61. Since the father died a year ago, there has been ____in the family about the division of the estate.
A. distinctions B. discord C. disadvantages D. disappointment

62. Having been discussed, the proposal was____unanimously.
A. adapted B. adopted C. admitted D. adjoined

63. I’d just as soon you____ those important papers with you.
A. don’t take B. didn’t take C. hadn’t taken D. were not taking

64. The theme of the novel is that a person’s fate____that of the whole country.
A. is closely linked up with B. is closely dealt with C. is closely taken as D. is closely tired up with

65. The American professor came to realize that he had underestimated the____of most of the Chinese students.
A. magnitude B. gradient C. potential D. firmness