1. It’s not fair that you come home after abad day at work and ____ your wife and children.

A. take it out on B. take out it on

C. take out on D. take on it with

2. She put an extra blanket over the baby for fear that ____.

A. he catches cold B. he should catch cold

C. he caught cold D. he be catching cold

3. Our teacher recommended that we ____ as attentive as possible when we visit the museum.

A. are B. shall be C. be D.were

4. You ____ business interfering with my affairs.

A. have noneB. have no

C. have none ofthe D. have nothing like

5. The new cut in interest rate ____ promote domesticinvestment.

A. means to  B. directs toward

C. is meant to D. leads to

6. Advertising media like direct mail, radio, television and newspapers ____ to increase the sales of industrial products.

A.have been used B. will be used

C. is being used D. has been used

7. While being questioned on the court, the man denied ____the old lady’s necklace.

A. having taken  B. taking

C. to have taken D. to take

8. Dr. Park was accused ____ the patient with overdose of sleeping pills so that the patient’s life was terminated before the expected time.

A.of providing      B. with providing

C. to have provided D. to provide

9. By the end of next month we ____ this assignment.

A. will finish        B. will be finishing

C. will have finished D. have finished

10. We will be losing money this year unless that new economic plan of yours ____ miracle.

A.is working B. works

C. will be working D. worked

11. It was dark in the cave so she ____ a match.

A. struck B. hit C. fired D. burned

12. Mary will not be able to come to the birthday party as she is ____ with a cold.

A. laid out B. laid up C. laid by D. laid down

13. She often says her greatest happiness ____ serving the handicapped children.

A.relies on    B. consists in

C. composes of D. comprises in

14. To make this ____ clear we shall have to look closely into biology’s long history.

A.distinctionB. indication  C. recognition   D. constitution

15. Most importantly, such an experience helps ____ aheightened sensitivity to other cultures and will bring about a greater appreciation of one’s own culture as well.

A. coach  B. forsake  C. foster  D.censor

16. When Ann broke the dish she tried to put the____back together.

A. fragments  B. pieces C. bits  D. slices

17. Jane tried to ____ the doorman with money, but she failed.

A. bribe B. corrupt C. award  D. endow

18. Classification is a useful ____ to the organization of knowledge in any field.

A. means  B. approach C. mode D. manner

19. The human race has already paid a heavy price for its slow ____to environmental threats.

A. response   B. responsibility

C. resolution D. resistance

20. We have a high regard for Prof. Joseph because he always ____his principles.

A. lives on      B. lives up to

C. lives through D. lives with

21. My grandfather accidentally ____ fire to the house.

A.put   B. took   C.set    D.got

22. We enjoyed the holiday ____ the expense.

A.except        B. besides

C. in addition toD. except for

23. If you want children to work hard you must ____ their interests instead of their sense of duty.

A. appeal to     B. look into        C. give rise to        D. go in for

24. Basically a robot is a machine which moves, manipulates, joins or processes ____ in the same way as human hand or arm.

A. characters B. components

C.catalogues D. collections

25. Of course, talking about something which affects them personally is ____motivating for students.

A. chiefly     B. correctly     C. currently       D. eminently