Junebug Weddings chooses the 50 unique shots for their 'Best of the Best Wedding Photography' collection each year.
Junebug Weddings每年都会精选出50张独特的照片,收入他们的“最佳婚纱摄影作品集”。

This year, the competition - which has been running since 2008 - received almost 9,000 entries from over 700 photographers in more than 45 different countries.

Stunning images of these newlyweds have been chosen as the best wedding photographs of 2016. It is meant to be the most memorable day of their lives - and now they have something to make it even more so. The spectacular shots feature couples on mountaintops, popping bottles and dancing.

Carrie Crooks, general manager and editor-in-chief of Junebug Weddings, said: "What makes me so proud of this year's collection is that you can feel the emotions of a wedding day through these 50 images."
Junebug Weddings的总经理兼主编卡丽•克鲁克斯说:“今年的摄影集让我感到很骄傲的一点是你能从这50张照片中感受到婚礼当天的激情。”

"I'm not surprised photographers keep discovering new locations because the world is so large and there are so many beautiful nooks and crannies to explore. The trend in wedding photography for the past few years has been travel. Photographing more destination weddings allows photographers to merge two passions in their lives in travel and photography."

This year's judges were world-renowned wedding photographers. Winning a Junebug contest is one of the highest honours a wedding photographer can receive, often helping to jumpstart careers.

Carrie added: "In 2008, the Best of Wedding photo contest attracted mostly US photographers, but over the years, the interest from international photographers has grown exponentially."

"Over the past few years, some new countries we've noticed entering the contest are Lithuania, Estonia, Barbados, Serbia, Belize and Latvia, to name a few. When we receive submissions from sparsely populated countries or smaller countries it's always a pleasant surprise."