41. He ____have been nervous because he didn’t go straight in.
A. ought to B. mustC. should D. had to

42. I am quite sure that I can ____ Michael into letting us use his car tomorrow.
A. speak B. talk C. tell D. say

43. Jean could be a very attractive girl but she____to her clothes.
A. pays no attention B. was paying no attention C. paid no attention D. had paid no attention

44. When questioned by the interviewer, my mind went____, and I could hardly remember my own date of birth.
A. blank B. dim C. faint D. vain

45. The textbook question as well as other issues is going to be discussed when the congress is in____again next spring.
A. assembly B. convention C. conference D. session

46. To drive a car safely, it is____good brakes.
A. essential with B. essential having C. essential to have D. essential have

47. As I regard it, you can widen the ____ of these improvements through your active participation.
A. volume B. dimension C. magnitude D. scope

48. “Can you ride a horse?”“No, I never had the chance ____.”
A. for learning B. for learning how C. how to learn it D. to learn how

49. As electric lines were destroyed by the storm, they were forced to light for several days.
A. go over B. go in for C. go without D. go out

50. To survive in the intense market competition, we must____the qualities and varieties of products we make to the world-market demand.
A. improve B. guarantee C. gear D. enhance

51. “Maria has blisters in her boots.”“She____walking such a long distance.”
A. was used not to B. used to C. is not used to D. did not used to

52. In ancient times people who were thought to have the ability to ____dreams were likely to be highly respected.
A. impart B. inherit C. interpret D. intervene

53. It was ____that we felt tired when we arrived.
A. a so long travel B. such a long travel C. such a long journey D. such a so long journey

54.____his poor record in school, the board thinks that he should study hard.
A. In spite of B. In charge of C. In view of D. In case of

55. “What authors do you like?”“Shakespeare is____.”
A. favorite for me B. my favorite C. for me the favorite D. the favorite of mine

56. We hadn’t expected a power cut so we were astonished when the whole house was ____into darkness.
A. dived B. plunged C. drowned D. dropped

57. Without a (an)____passport a tourist is forbidden to enter a country.
A. operative B. effective C. valid D. efficient

58. Although the town had been attacked by the storm several times,____was done.
A. a few damages B. few damages C. little damage D. a little damage

59. Before the tourists set off, they spent much time setting a limit____the expenses of the trip.
A. for B. in C. to D. about

60. “Tina looks especially pretty tonight.”“Yes, she always looks her best in ____of that color.”
A. dress B. a dressC. that dress D. the dress

61. Despite the wide range of reading material specially written or____for language learning purposes, there is yet no comprehensive systematic program for the reading skills.
A. appointed B. assembled C. acknowledged D. adapted

62. Internet, a____of millions of computers linked world wide, is the largest system serving e-mail messengers.
A. unity B. connection C. network D. combination

63. “ How dark your brother’s hair is!”“It’s ____mine when I was at his age.”
A. no darker than B. no more darker as C. not dark more than D. not darker as

64. It was surprising that the hotel looked rather shabby outside was luxuriously and____ furnished inside.
A. artificially B. arrogantly C. arbitrarily D. artistically

65.____he daydreamed, Peter saw figures in the sky.
A. Until B. Since C. While D. During