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The death toll is rising in Chile where a massive earthquake struck early Saturday. The 8.8 quake destroyed homes and bridges. The country has declared a state of catastrophe. It tried to figure exactly how much damage has been done.

Hawaii and nations on the Pacific are bracing for a wall of water. The earthquake took there a tsunami that could inundate low-lying lands as far away as Japan. Residents in Hawaii have been racing to store to get last-minute supplies.

SeaWorld has resumed its killer whale show just days after one of the animals killed a trainer there. Employees wept and audience members grew silent as the show began with a memorial for the trainer.

Revelers in Taiwan are taking a plunge in hopes for good luck. Kids jumped into a fishing port Saturday in celebration of the start of the island's Lantern Festival. It's all in hopes of bringing safety and a bountiful harvest for local people.

Tim Maguire, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.