1.( )you tell me what’s happening over there ?
A. Could B. May C. Might D. Shall
2.( ) I have a word with the manager ,sir ?
A. Will B. Would C. May D. Can
3. — Something flying far away must be a hawk .
— No, it( ) be a hawk .
A. mustn’t B. mightn’t C. can’t D. might
4. Man ( )reach the moon or any other star in the universe now, but we get there years ago .
A. can ; couldn’t B. are able to ; weren’t able to
C. must ; needn’t D. can ; had to
5. Grandfather ,( ) my sister come ?
A. Will B. shall C. would D. could
6. “ What I do for you ? ” means “( ) I help you ? ”
A. can , May B. shall ; Need C. can ; Can D. will ; Shall
7. —Could I borrow your dictionary?
—Yes, of course you ( ).
A. Might B. will C. can D. should
8. The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone ( )get out.
A. had to B. would C. could D. was able to
9. The monitor must be in the reading-room, ( )?
A. mustn’t B. doesn’t C. needn’t D. isn’t
10. He hardly ( )say anything more, since you know all about it.
A. don’t B. needn’t C. needs D. need
11.You ( )to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do.
A. needn’t to come B. don’t need come
C. don’t need coming D. needn’t come
12. —May I pick a flower in the garden ? — ( ).
A. No, you needn’t B. Not, please
C. No, you mustn’t D. No, you won’t
13.—Helen, will you be at the party tonight ?
—Yes, but I have so much homework to do that I really ( ).
A. won’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t
14. If you listen to me, you ( ) have some candies,Deary .
A. shall B. May C. will D. must
15. Peter ____ come with us tonight, but he isn’t very sure yet.
A. May B. Can C. will D. must
16.—Dare you go home at night ?
A. Yes, I do B. No, I daren’t
C. No, I don’t D. Yes, I dare so.
17. When you go abroad, do you _____ take your passport ?
A. have to B. ought to C. be able to D. need
18.—You must phone us every week.
—Yes, I _____.
A. must B. have to C. will D. should
19. —Your language teacher looks a rather kind woman.
—But in fact she is cold and hard on us. You _____ believe it.
A. should B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. might not.
20. A wise man __ sometimes make a mistake.
A. can B. may C. might D. must
21. —Shall I tell John about it ?
—No, you ( ).I’ve told him already.
A. needn’t B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t
22. Tom ought not to ( )me your secret,but he meant no harm.
A. have told B. tell C. be telling D. having told
23. —When can I come for the photos ? I need them tomorrow afternoon.
—They ( )be ready by 12:00.
A. Can B. should C. Might D. need
24. Sorry I’m late. I ( )have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again.
A. Might B. should C. Can D. will
25. —Are you coming to Jeff’s party ?
  —I’m not sure. I ( )go to the concert instead.
A. must B. should C. Would D. might