Directions:Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should
1) describe the picture,
2) interpret its meaning
3) support your view with examples
We can see in the picture, a great Egyptian Pyramid towering magnificently into the sky. At first sight visitors may be overwhelmed by the pyramid and cannot help but marvel at the huge stones in front of them — the embodiment of patience and endurance of an Ancient Egyptian Civilization. During this extended period of building, one can only imagine the amount of patience and endurance that was required by the people before any of this greatness was to be achieved. The stones of the pyramid remind us of a famous saying: “Rome was not built in a day,” that is, great things are never done without much time and labor. As human beings, we are eager to win merits for ourselves. It is, however, only patience as well as endurance that can help us to succeed in performing great deeds. In the case of Si Marian, without those brilliant qualities mentioned above, he could never attain such great achievements. Difficulties are unavoidable, unless we do not engage in anything at all. In the end, it is patience and endurance that counts. Some people would give up halfway in the face of what seems to be insurmountable. Men of such a type can hardly expect to succeed. We must take a step by step approach to accomplish everything until we get the final result. The reason is very simple: if one attempts to climb a mountain, however high he reaches, he has failed if he does not reach the top.