Directions:Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should
1) describe the picture,
2) interpret its meaning,
3) support your view with examples.
One glance at a pyramid can leave the viewer in awe of its beauty and splend or. Upon closer examination, however, one might be surprised to discover that such a grandiose structure is composed entirely of ordinary stones. Most people are familiar with the proverb: Rome was not built in a day. An object as grand as a pyramid is likewise not so quickly or easily constructed. Just as the greatness of the city of Rome is due to the combination of its smaller parts, a pyramid is only as strong as the stones it is comprised of. The image of a pyramid reminds us that great success is in fact an accumulation of small achievements. History proves that many famous artists and scientists are only successful because of their continued efforts, even after numerous failures. One might recall Leonardo Dancing's drawing of an egg, Wang Xi Zhi practicing handwriting, or Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb, for example. The fable that tells us that even water can eventually pierce through stone also points to the importance of patience and diligence. We should take such stories and histories into account and remember the importance of fundamentals; remember that one can build a pyramid only if one is willing to work with small stones. People would be wise to abandon rash inclinations and instead try in earnest. Perseverance is sure to lead to success.