A huge applause echoed in the huge carpeted and Corinthian room as Jane, the most celebrated female model of the city gracefully walked along the pathway.

After the speech, the most awaiting moment of the salient event came- It was the question time.

“Well ma’am since you are the finest, the most elegant model of the city, there must be something that sprinkles some magic portion in your success, is it the watch necklace that you always wear?”

With a low gaze, moist eyes and a soft voice Jane said, “This watch necklace is an epitome of my lost lover Edward whose life ebbed away to the cradle of death two years ago. Yet what this Jane still have today is a symbol of a conglomeration of time and love that though Edward is physically far from my life, his presence is felt by the tinkering of this two cm needle.”

Time gone is like the flowing water of a gurgling river, where even if one wishes one cannot touch the same water again. What it takes and flows is a plethora of memories of our dear ones where a little something can symbolize a profound importance in someone’s life-just like the necklace watch of Jane from the gone lover-Edward.