So far, most of us have yet to experience a dog hug. At best, our pups hump our legs when they get bored. There is, however, one exception:

She's been with her doting owner Cesar Fernandez Chavez for five years— ever since Chavez was given the golden retriever pup as a present.
这只狗狗与主人 共同生活了五年——五年前,有人将这只金色寻回犬作为礼物送给他。

Louboutina (aka Loubie) was always a cuddler, but around two years ago, she started standing on her hind legs... And giving actual hugs.

Any dog owner knows that it doesn't get any better than having a pup who can hug back.

Obviously, Loubie's hugs are in high demand.

How could you not want her hugs? This kind of affirmation from a dog will repair your broken self esteem in seconds.

She's developed quite the social media following, and fans seek her out on the streets of New York. And the ever-generous Loubie obliges.