人物介绍: Cindy是应届毕业的大学生,她成功通过校园招聘的笔试环节,来到梦寐以求的这家外企面试,这是她的第二轮面试,与人力资源部总监Caroline的对话就此展开。
  Caroline: Nice to meet you, Cindy. I’m Caroline, HRD of the company. Please have a seat.
  Caroline: 很高兴认识你Cindy。我是人力资源总监Caroline,请坐。
  Cindy: Nice to meet you, Ms. Caroline.
  Cindy: 你好Caroline女士。
  Caroline: From reviewing your resume, I can see that you performed excellently in school.What I want to know is why you think you’re right for this job.
  Caroline: 从你的简历,我可以看出你在校时很优秀。我想知道为什么你认为你适合这份工作。
  Cindy: I am always interested in news coming from your industry, and I’m deeply impressedby your company’s sales performance. To have risen 200-percent in the domestic market overjust the past three years is an incredible feat. I also admire and agree with the employeedevelopmental values that the company has adopted. I find that my personal goals and ideasabout business operations fit perfectly with the companys goals and mission statement.
  Cindy: 我一直关注你们行业的新闻,公司在过去三年里中国市场的业绩增长了两倍,这给我留下了很深的印象。同时我也很喜欢贵公司培养员工的企业文化。我觉得我的个人发展目标、商业理念和公司的目标完全吻合。
  Caroline: So you are well aware of our company. It appears that you have done your fairshare of research.
  Caroline: 你对我们公司很了解,看来你提前做了很多功课啊。
  Cindy: Yes, in addition to judging whether I am the right fit for C&C, I believe that its alsocrucial for me to know if this company is right for me. Ive been impressed by the service providedhere by everyone from the receptionist to the assistant. I am confident that I will have a veryrewarding and successful career here.
  Cindy: 是的,除了判断我是否符合C&C的要求外,了解公司是否适合我也很关键。从前台到助理的接待都给我留下了深刻印象,我觉得我在这儿能开创有价值而且成功的事业。
  Caroline: Commitment to the company and the team is very important to us here.
  Caroline: 在我们这里,对公司以及团队的责任是非常重要的。
  Cindy: I am very responsible. Whenever I have been assigned to complete a certain task, myteacher and classmates could always count on me to achieve the stated task. There is also noneed to remind me of what I should do. I enjoy intermingling and doing things with others.
  Cindy: 我很有责任心,如果让我负责一件事,老师和同学们都会很放心。而且我用不着别人提醒我该做什么。我喜欢与人相处,以及和别人一起做事情。
  Caroline: So what are your career objectives? And how do you perceive your owndevelopment if you were to assume this position?
  Caroline: 那你的事业目标是什么?如果你获得了这个职位,你对自己的发展有什么想法?
  Cindy: I expect to have a good opportunity to put all of my knowledge into practice. I am adoer and I can contribute a great deal to the company. I hope that within five years, I could leadan energetic and productive marketing team.
  Cindy: 我希望得到很好的实战机会。我是个实干者,我能为公司贡献很多。我希望在五年内,我能够领导一支有活力及高效率的市场团队。
  Caroline: As a fresh graduate, what do you think is the most essential factor to establishingand maintaining a good relationship with your future boss?
  Caroline: 你现在刚刚毕业,你认为和你未来的老板能够建立并保持良好关系的最主要因素是什么?
  Cindy: All the supervisors have rich experience. So first of all I will obey the demands of thesupervisors. Secondly, I will ask their advice and maintain an open mind. Thirdly, when there arequestions, I will communicate in-depth with my supervisors to achieve a functional and propersolution.
  Cindy: 领导都是工作经验很丰富的人。首先我要服从领导的工作安排。第二呢,要虚心求教。第三,万一碰到疑问,我会及时跟领导深入沟通,找到一个合理的解决方案。
  Caroline: Good, then do you have any question about our company?
  Caroline: 好的,对于公司,你有什么问题吗?
  Cindy: Could you tell me something about your training program?
  Cindy: 能否介绍一下你们的培训制度?
  Caroline: In brief, we offer both in-house and off-site training to our AP or U.S. headquarters.We have a few daylong training sessions for topics like business writing skills and software training.These sessions are available to everyone who applies. We also have a variety of other programsbased on each work function. Our program is essentially a job-rotation program, and we believe itis more effective than traditional on-the-job training.
  Caroline: 简单来说,我们既有在岗培训,也有去亚太总部或美国总部专门培训。我们采用整日课程来进行商务写作和软件操作一类的培训。每个人都可以申请参加。我们还针对各个职能安排了多种多样的课程。我们的课程主要是轮岗,我们相信这比传统的在职培训要有效的多。
  Cindy: It sounds attractive!
  Cindy: 听上去真的很吸引人啊!
  Caroline: Lastly, what’s your main consideration in your current job hunt?
  Caroline: 最后,你选择工作时主要考虑哪个方面?
  Cindy: Potential growth opportunity. If a potential job does offer me an opportunity to growand mature, I will find it very easy to devote my career to executing my responsibilities at thehighest level. I believe that your company will be a perfect place for me to grow and develop!
  Cindy: 潜在的发展机会。如果一个工作能够让我有发展和成熟的机会,我就会更容易地全身心投入去完成我的职责。我相信贵公司将是我成长和发展的良好平台!
  Caroline: I also hope to have the chance to get to know you better in the future.
  Caroline: 好的,我也希望有机会更加详细地了解你。
  Cindy: Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to the next interview.
  Cindy: 谢谢您的时间。我期待着下一次面试的通知。