Dialogue 1


A: May I come in?

A: 我可以进来吗?

I: Yes, please.

I: 请进。

A: How are you doing, Madam? My name is Zhangya. I am coming to your company for an interview as requested.


I: Fine, thank you for coming. Mr. 张, Please take a seat. I am katy smith, the  manager.

I: 好的,谢谢你过来。张先生请坐,我叫凯蒂·史密斯,是经理。

A: Nice to see you, Mrs. Smith.


I: Nice to meet you, too.

I: 我也很高兴见到你。

Dialogue 2


A: OK, Mr. zhang. You may come in. I`m Anne Smith and on my right, my colleague, Anna Duncan, and on my left, Angela Lamb. Do please sit down.

A: 好了,张先生,你可以进来了。我是安妮·史密斯,我右面是我的同事安娜·邓肯,左边是安吉拉·兰姆。请坐吧。

I: Thank you. Good afternoon Mrs. Smith, Miss Duncan, Miss Lamb.

I: 谢谢你。下午好,史密斯女士、邓肯小姐、兰姆小姐。

A: Your English is fluent.


I: Thank you.

I: 谢谢夸奖。

A: How do you think of the weather today?

A: 你觉得今天的天气如何?

I: I don`t like the weather like this. Cold and rainy. Hope it become sunny as soon as possible.

I: 我不喜欢这样的天气,又冷还下着雨,真希望早点出太阳。

Dialogue 3


A: Excuse me. May I see Mrs. Smith?

A: 不好意思,我可以见史密斯女士吗?

I: It's me. What can I do for you?

I: 我就是,需要我帮忙吗?

A: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Smith. I`m coming here for an interview by appointment.

A: 很高兴见到你,史密斯女士。我是应约来面试的。

I: Are you Mr. zhang?

I: 你是张先生吧?

A: Yes, I am.

A: 是的,我是。

I: Nice to meet you, too. Did you have any difficulty finding our company?

I: 我也很高兴见到你。找我们公司困难吗?

A: Not really, I am familiar with this area.

A: 没有,我对这一带很熟悉。