看老友记Friends学英语 第一季第八集




Mrs. Geller: (to Monica) Your grandmother would have hated this.

Monica: Well, sure, what with it being her funeral and all.

Mrs. Geller:No, I'd be hearing about 'Why didn't I get the honey-glazed ham?', I didn't spend enough on flowers, and if I spent more she'd be saying 'Why are you wasting your money? I don't need flowers, I'm dead'.

Monica: That sounds like Nana.

Mrs. Geller:Do you know what it's like to grow up with someone who is critical of every single thing you say?

Monica:...I can imagine.

Mrs. Geller:I'm telling you, it's a wonder your mother turned out to bethe positive, life-affirmingperson that she is.

Monica: That is a wonder. So tell me something, Mom. If you had to do it all over again, I mean, if she was here right now, would you tell her?

Mrs. Geller: Tell her what?

Monica: How she drove you crazy, picking onevery little detail, like your hair... for example.

Mrs. Geller:I'm not sure I know what you're getting at.

Monica:Do you think things would have been better if you'd just told her the truth?

Mrs. Geller:...No. I think some things are better left unsaid. I think it's nicer when people just get along.

Monica: Huh.

Mrs. Geller:More wine, dear?

Monica: Oh, I think so.




在“麦田守望者”(the catcher in the rye)一书中有大量的应用。在第一页里就有很多,如:

If you really want to hear about it,the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born,an what my lousy childhood was like,and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me.

They're nice and all--I'm not saying that--but they're also touchy as hell.

I mean that's all I told ,and he's my brother and all.

And I didn't know anybody there that was splendid and clear-thinking and all.

out to be:成为

turn out的用法:


The party turned out to be very successful.




The whole city turned out to welcome the guest.



It's turned out cold today.



How did your party turn out?







Who are you gonna pick? 你会选谁呢?

I'll pick the red one.我会选红色的那个。

2)随便学了点(pick sth. up)

I picked up a little bit Japanese when I was in Japan. 我在日本的时候随便学了点日语。

Spanish is really hard to pick up. 西班牙语真的很难学!

3)pick on 欺负

Why do you always pick on me? 你为什么老是欺负我?

Jim used to pick on me in high school. 高中的时候Jim老欺负我!

4)pick up 提神

What's your morning pick-me-up? 你早上怎么提神?

I need to drink some coffee to pick myself up.我需要喝点咖啡提提神。

5)pick up 购买(To buy)

I picked up some snacks at the store. 我在商店里买了些零食。

6)pick up 变好了

My luck has picked up! 我终于转运了!

7)pick up the tab=pick up the check 买单

Whenever we go out, I pick up the tab. 无论什么时候约会都是我买单的。

Order whatever you want. He's picking up the tab.随便点,他买单。

8)pick up somebody 接某人

I'll pick you up at the airport. 我会去机场接你。

9)pick up girls 泡妞

Foreign guys like to pick up Chinese girls in clubs. 外国男的喜欢去夜店泡中国女孩。

10)pick at sth 扯,拉

The baby is picking at the bedclothes.婴儿在抓弄被褥。

11)pick at sth 少量的吃

She only picked at her food.她只吃了一点点食物。

He never feels hungry and just picks at his food.他从不觉得饿,吃东西也没胃口。

12)pick at sb 找茬儿,批评

Leave the child alone; you're always picking at her.不要管那孩子,你总是找她的茬。

13)pick sth from sth 从…摘下〔剔去〕; 从…捡起

She picked some flowers from the garden.她从花园里摘了一些鲜花。

You mustn't pick the bananas from others' tree.你不该从别人的树上摘香蕉。

14)pick sb/sth from sb/sth 从…中挑选

Imes picked Rose from all the beautiful girls in the school to be a model.艾姆斯从全校那些美丽的女孩子中选中露丝做模特儿。

15)pick sth off 摘去(take or pluck off)

Don't pick off any of these flowers.这些花一朵也不要采摘。

The insecticide might harm the flowers.Let's pick off the insects by hand.杀虫剂可能会伤害花朵。我们用手把虫捉下来吧。

16)pick sb off 逐个毁掉;瞄准射死(destroy one at a time)

A sniper behind the bushes picked off three of our men.藏在树丛后面的一个狙击手射死了我方三个人。

17)pick sth out 取出;去掉carry out sth (from sth)

The child refuses to eat this fruit without first picking out the stones.不把果核取出来,那个小孩就不会吃这水果。

18)pick sb/sth?out 挑选;选择;选拔choose from(among)others

Let's pick out the bad potatoes from the basket.让我们把坏掉的土豆从篮子里挑出来。

He is going with me to help me pick out a color TV set.他要陪我一起去,帮我选一台彩电。

19)pick sb/sth?out 分辨出distinguish from surrounding persons

The police asked the witness to pick out the murderer from four suspects.警察让目击者从4名嫌疑犯中辨认出谁是杀人犯。

20)pick sth?out 了解; 领会

I picked out the meaning of the passage.我领会了这段文章的含义。

Can you pick out the operatic arias quoted in this orchestral passage?你能听出这段管弦乐曲里有歌剧式的咏叹调吗?

21)pick over 挑出来

He picked over the tomatoes, looking for the ripest ones.他把西红柿拿来仔细看,要挑选最熟的。

22)pick over 老谈,老想keep talking or thinking about

Don't keep picking over our old quarrels; let's be friends again.不要老谈以前争吵的事了,让我们重新做朋友吧!



get along的不同解释:

1)(cause to)go forward;move on 进展;继续前进

The car could hardly get along on the icy surface.汽车在冰面上难以行驶。

The sailing boat was getting along fast be fore the wind.帆船正在顺风飞速前进。


We had better get along before the fog gets worse.我们最好在雾大之前动身。

It's rather late,and I think I'd better be getting along.很晚了,我想,我该走了。

3)proceed;advance;make progress进行;进展;进步

How are the builders getting along with your new house?建筑工人把你的新房盖得如何了?

My work's getting along much better now.现在我的工作进展得顺利多了。

How are you getting along with your English studies?你的英语学习进展如何?

4)manage to live or work设法过下去;设法干下去;对付

If you work hard,you will get along in that job.假如你努力工作,你就可以继续干下去。

He managed to get along without much money.他设法不用多少钱就对付过去。

The Robinsons only have a small pension,but they seem to get along all right.罗宾逊一家只有很少的年金,但似乎过得还不错。

Don't worry.I'll get along without you.不要担心,你不在我能对付。

5)be on good terms;live or work together in a friendly way相处融洽;合作

He is hard to get along with.他这个人很难相处。

We get along with them very well.我们跟他们处得很好。

The two brothers don't get along at all.They are very different in character.这兄弟俩一点也合不来,他们的性格截然不同。

The couple got a divorce because they could not get along.那对夫妇离婚了,因为他们处不好。

Jane has such a bad disposition that nobody can get along with her.简脾气很坏,没有人能和她合得来。

6)move or convey along 运送;转交

I'll get the books along to you as soon as I can.我一定尽快把书给你送去。

7)advance in age ;advance in time;become old or late上年纪;变老或变暗(常用于进行时态)

Grandmother is 78 and getting along.祖母已78岁,上年纪了。

It was getting along towards sundown when we left the office.我们下班时,太阳快下山了。

Although he is getting along,he is still strong and lusty.他虽然上了年纪,但还是身强力壮。

8)go away走开;滚开

Get along with you!I don't believe a word of it.去你的吧!我一点也不信。