We’ve been talking about an Independence Day sequel for many, many years, but the time has finally arrived. Come June 24th, we’re going to get to see what happens when the aliens return and Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman) and David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) have to step up and save the world again. For now, you can catch some highlights.

1.David Levinson is still leading the charge against the invaders.

2.What happened to Connie? Even though David managed to rekindle his romance with Connie in the 1996 original, Margaret Colin is not back for the sequel.

3.President Whitmore is now feeling the effects of his alien encounter at Area 51.

4.There’s a reason Sela Ward’s character steps up and becomes president.

5.Patricia and Dylan only had one scene together in the first film, but they stayed close after that.

6.Dylan is following in his step-father’s footsteps.

7.Dylan and Jake don’t get along.

8.You thought Dr. Okun was dead? Think again! In fact, there was a line cut from the original movie that might have changed Dr. Okun’s fate.

9.It may have taken Emmerich and his team a good deal of time to hit the sweet spot and get the sequel into production, but I’ve got high hopes it’ll be well worth the wait.