Once upon a time, two friends were traveling together in a forest. Suddenly, a bear jumped out onto the path.

One friend saw the bear first. He quickly climbed up a tree and hid. He did not stop to help his friend.

The other friend was left alone with the bear. He had to think fast. The bear moved closer to the man.

The man fell down to the ground and did not move. The bear came up to the man and began to smell him.

The man held his breath and lay perfectly still. Soon, the bear lost interest in the man and left. When it was clear that the bear was gone, the man in the tree came down to the ground.

He was very happy to see that his friend was safe. "That bear was so close that it looked like it was talking to you!" he joked. "What did it say?"
"The bear gave me this advice," said the man. "Never travel with a friend who deserts you when there is trouble.”