One day, the wind and the sun were arguing about who was the strongest. "It is clear that I am the strongest," said the wind. "When I blow, branches break off the trees, and the waves beat on the shore."

"That's nothing," said the sun. "I am much stronger than that." Just then, they saw a man wearing a heavy coat. "We will both try to make this man take off his coat," said the sun. "Whoever succeeds will be the strongest."

The wind agreed to go first. He blew hard at the man, but it was no use. The man became cold and held onto his coat with both hands.

Then it was the sun's turn. He came out from behind a cloud and shone gently down on the man. The man smiled and took off his coat to enjoy the warm sunshine.

"You see?" asked the sun. "Kindness and gentleness are stronger than anything in the world."