The scents of the holiday season take many of us back to cherished moments in our childhood. What are the favorites of the favorites? We polled the blogosphere, and ranked the 10 very best smells of the holiday season. Read, enjoy and reminisce with us. By the way what do you consider the best scent of all?

1. Hot chocolate
1. 热巧克力

I do enjoy a generous mug (or three) of hot chocolate spiked with Kahlua when faced with a house full of relatives.

2. Freshly baked sugar cookies
2. 新鲜出炉的甜饼干

Tucked away in my grandmother’s recipe box, which has now been passed down to me, are numerous yellowed recipes for cookies – still scented with drips of vanilla extract.

3. A fire
3. 火

My favorite holiday scent is the smoke from fires in fireplaces after all the gifts have been unwrapped.

4. 薄荷糖

I remember sneaking candy canes with my sister. We would hide behind the drapes, enjoying the minty, cool taste with our sticky hands covered in red.

5. Mulled cider
5. 圣诞香料苹果酒

Apple cider smells like my childhood in northern Indiana. It’s such a crisp, fall-like smell that elicits joy.

6. Pine
6. 松树

The smell of pine makes me think of the winter sun set in a clear blue sky.

7. Potato latkes
7. 土豆饼

That moment the shredded potato mixture hits the oil, there is that unmistakable smell, and the whole house smells of Hanukkah.

8. Pie
8. 水果派

When I take pies out of the oven, I don’t even want to eat them. I just want to enjoy how pretty they look and breathe in their aroma.

9. Candles
9. 蜡烛

I actually just love the smell of regular, old-fashioned candle wax burning….It smells like the holidays to me.

10. Gingerbread
10. 姜饼

[en]I love the smell of gingerbread so much. /en]