We all like to think that we’re constantly pressed for time, but the reality is that most of us waste this vast resource simply by remaining unaware of how we spend our days. So if you need to find more time in your day check out the following six tips on how to get more done in less time:

Tip #1 – Set your alarm clock earlier

Yeah, yeah – this is the one tip that nobody ever wants to hear… But here’s the thing – if the rest of your day is already packed full of productive work, you’re going to be hard-pressed to free up as much time throughout your day as you can by waking up earlier in the morning. Even getting to the office a half hour ahead of your coworkers can give you the quiet time needed to start your day off on a productive note.

Tip #2 – Lay out your clothes at night

Morning indecision about what you’ll wear is a huge time-waster, so take a few minutes each evening to lay out the clothing you’ll wear the next day. If you’ll be hitting the gym before you’re home again, setting out your gym clothing as well will help you to save time and avoid forgetting important items.

Tip #3 – Prep meal ingredients ahead of time

Taking the time to do as much of your meal prep work ahead of time as possible can save you some major time – not to mention help you avoid unhealthy “eating out because you don’t have the energy to prep and cook a meal” trips.

Tip #4 – Opt for public transportation

When you drive to work, you can’t send email messages, finish up a set of business documents or watch training videos. If you have the option to take public transportation, consider doing so and use the spare minutes you’ve found to catch up on business tasks before you arrive at the office.

Tip #5 – Start each day with a pre-made “to do” list

If you’re arriving at your office without a clear vision of what you must accomplish throughout the day, you’re already wasting time! Instead, take a few minutes before you leave the office each night to write a list of the 1-3 most important things you must do the next day.

Tip #6 – Wear headphones to minimize distractions

Having fun coworkers is great – until you need to actually get work done. If you can’t seem to stop gossiping with colleagues when you should be handling the items on your “to do” list, invest in a comfortable pair of headphones and wear them – music on or off – until you’re finished. People are often more reluctant to interrupt those wearing headphones.