1. Turkey’s Pamukkale

Turkeycan offer you not only the numerous seas it is surrounded by. Here you can see the wonderful hot springs of Pamukkale. The view is breathtaking both by day and at night. It is very likely that you have never been or heard of the site. Do visit it at least once to see its fantastic beauty and charm.



2. Arizona’s Coyote Buttes

Arizonais known to tourists mainly for its Grand Canyon. But this is not its only pride. The state has another wonderful place, Coyote Buttes that is not less amazing and unique. Travelling there can be compared to travelling to the ancient times, those times when these sand dunes were created by nature itself.


3. Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda

The wealthy know a special place to relax. That’s Costa Smeralda by the Mediterranean sea. Here the European elite hold sailing races, sunbathe and swim. One of the few places where troubles melt like lemon drops and you feel like in heaven surrounded by snow white beaches and yachts.


4. Providence Canyon in Georgia

The state of Georgia invites the most curious of us to visit Providence Canyon. You can hardly find any sign of water in sight; however the place is nevertheless one of the most amazing on the planet. The rocky walls of bright shades of red, tanned sands and wild plants turn the site into a surreal world of its own.


5. Lencois Maranhenses National Park in Brazil

Who would ever think that such a place would exist on earth? The nature here shows all its incredible skills in creating fascinating scenery that is hard to imagine or describe. The territory is striped with white sand dunes and emerald lakes. Visiting it is every tourist’s dream.