1. zero in on

Meaning: If you zero in on something, you focus your attention on it.


If you're reporting on an issue rather than an event, first get the reader interested by zeroing in on the main players and their conflict.

I like the way our lecturer zeroes in on the central issues without spending too much time on all that boring background information.

2. zero tolerance

Meaning: If something is given zero tolerance, it won't be accepted even once.


Because of the school's zero-tolerance policy, our boy was expelled for smoking just one cigarette.

How can a society based on Christian morals and forgiveness of sin have a zero-tolerance approach to petty crime?

3. zero-sum game

Meaning: A zero-sum game is a situation in which any gain by one side or person is at the expense of a loss to another side or person involved in the situation.

中文解析:零和博弈又称零和游戏(Zero-sum game),与非零和博弈相对,是博弈论的一个概念,属非合作博弈,指参与博弈的各方,在严格竞争下,一方的收益必然意味着另一方的损失,博弈各方的收益和损失相加总和永远为“零”。双方不存在合作的可能。

The stock market has become a giant zero-sum game in which one investor gains what another investor loses.

In a zero-sun game, if you add the total gains of the participants and the total losses of the participants, the sum will always be zero.