As an Adjective: Bitchy

You can call a man or a woman a bitch (with different meanings, as described in 3 and 4), but the word bitchy (applied to both men and women) has the sense of “annoying” or “unpleasant.” For example: You’re being really bitchy today. Why can’t you be nicer to me? This is still not very polite language and would probably be offensive.

作为形容词:Bitchy。你可以称一个男人或女人是 bitch(它有不同的含义,3,4中讲过了),但是单词 bitchy (男女通用)带有“烦人的”或者“令人不愉快”的感觉。例如:你今天真的很让人不高心。你为什么就不能对我好点?这仍然是很不礼貌的说法,并且有可能冒犯到别人。

Bitch as a Verb (Complain)

In this colloquial use of the word, “bitch” means “complain.” It is often used together with “moan” (gemir) to negatively portray someone (or yourself) who is complaining too much. This use is not really offensive (depending on the tone) and can be used informal situations. For example: I wish people would just stop BITCHING AND MOANING about corruption in politics and do something about it.

“bitch”作为动词(抱怨)。“bitch”的这种口语用法表示“抱怨”。它通常和“moan” (抱怨)一起使用,来负面的描述某人(或者是你自己)抱怨太多。这种用法并不真的太冒犯人(取决于语气),并且可以用在非正式场合。例如:我希望人们可以停止哼哼唧唧的抱怨政坛腐败而是做点什么。

Bitch Someone Out

means to yell at someone in a really negative way for something they did. For example: My boss BITCHED ME OUT for being 10 minutes late. To use this expression is not offensive, but language is very colloquial.

Bitch someone out表示因为某人做的事情,非常消极的对他们大喊大叫。例如:我的老板因为我迟到了10分钟就对我大喊大叫(BITCHED ME OUT)。使用这个表达不会很冒犯别人,但是这种说法是非常口语化的。

Bitchin’ as an Adjective
This means that something is good, awesome, cool, etc. Don’t confuse this with bitchy (explained above).For example: The Real Life English party was BITCHIN’! Following the rules of grammar would make this “bitching ” but we say “bitchin.” This is another colloquial expression that isn’t negative.
Bitchin’作为形容词。这个词表示某物很好、很棒、很酷,等等。不要把这个和 bitchy(上面解释过)弄混了。例如:The Real Life 的英语晚会很BITCHIN’(很棒的)!按照语法规则应该是“bitching ”,但是我们说“bitchin”。这是另外一种不带负面色彩的口语化表达。

Life’s a Bitch

A common way to communicate that life is complicated, not easy, etc. The expression has this sense of confronting the difficulties, but also recognizing the unpleasant nature. Other examples of this use are: Calculus is a BITCH. Monday morning is a BITCH.

Life’s a Bitch“生活就像强奸”,是一种普遍的交流方式,用来表达生活是复杂的、困难的,等等。这个表达带有面临困难的意味,也含有意识到不愉快的本质的意思。其它用法的例子有:微积分是BITCH(小编注:即微积分真TMD的复杂。)。星期一的早晨是BITCH,真难熬。(小编注:周一又要开始工作学习,让人觉得难进入状态)。

Bitch Please!

This expression (see picture below) communicates that you don’t believe what the person says. Urban Dictionary defines it as follows: Used when someone/tool makes a stupid comment, or just as a fun way of saying no. This is a common colloquial expression which originated in the ghettos and has reached mainstream middle class American society. People often use this colloquially in a playful way (the title of this article), but as Urban Dictionary points out because of the origin of “bitch please” amongst inner-city prostitution rings, it always carries a connotation of violence.
Bitch Please!这个表达(见下图)表示你不相信这个人说的话。Urban Dictionary词典定义如下:当某人/某工具做了愚蠢的评论,或者仅仅是用搞笑的方式说“不”的时候使用。这是一个普遍使用的口语化表达,它起源于贫民区,并且流传到美国社会主流中产阶级。人们通常用开玩笑的方式(这篇文章标题)使用这个口语化表达,但是正如城市词典指出,因为“bitch please”来源于城市中心的红灯区,所以它常常带有黄暴力的内涵。


This is to “slap” somebody with the back of your hand in order to calm the person down and make them see things straight. This is another use of “bitch” that originated in the ghettos and was popularized by rap music and black culture. People often use this term in a playful way.
这个表示为了让某人冷静,并且直面某事而用手背去“轻掌嘴”某人。这是来源于贫民区的另外一种 “bitch”的用法,现在被说唱音乐和黑人文化推广开来。人们通常用好玩的方式使用这个词。

To Ride Bitch in the Car

To ride in the middle of the back seat of the car.

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