Benedict Cumberbatch got some high-profile magazine covers to promote The Imitation Game. In addition to his Out Magazine cover profile, we’re still waiting on his Elle UK special edition, and they’ve already promised us an eight-page editorial plus an in-depth interview.

So, enjoy these Flaunt photos, plus an extra Cumberp0rny video from Flaunt. Benedict talks about… something. People couldn't have really paying attention because of his hands and arms and the way he positions his body. And fans should thank the Cumberlord for allowing Benedict to do all of the photoshoots while he still had his Cumbercurls. They would be super-depressed if I had to see tons of photos with Benedict’s terrible short hair.
所以,敬请欣赏这些Flaunt 杂志拍摄的照片吧,外加该杂志社拍摄的一个名为 Cumberp0rny的视频。本尼迪克特谈到……某个话题。人们根本不能注意到他说了什么,因为注意力都被他的手、胳膊和姿态所吸引去了。粉丝们要感谢Cumberlord杂志同意康伯巴奇拍摄照片时保留着他的缺爷式卷发,如果他们看到本尼迪克特照片上头发剪得超级短,一定会倍感失望吧。

PS… Tom Hiddleston did a Flaunt cover editorial a few years back which became rather infamous, mostly because of the dragonfly theme. That is when I started referring to the Hiddlestoners as Dragonflies. Will Benedict’s Flaunt editorial become that iconic? Probably not. But I still enjoyed it.
顺便说:数年前,汤姆·希德勒斯顿曾经为Flaunt杂志拍摄过一组封面照片,也接受过采访,结果因为这本杂志的蜻蜓主题,这期杂志后来臭名昭著。从那个时候起,我就开始把希德勒斯顿称作 蜻蜓。这期刊有本尼迪克特照片的杂志会不会也这么有标志性意义呢?也许不会,但我还是很喜欢它。