Trust is about reliability and doing the right thing. It's also a big factor that will determine success in your job and your career -- especially in a rough business climate where your value as an employee is closely watched.


Do your colleagues, subordinates, or superiors perceive you as trustworthy and honest? How do you perceive them? Trust is a characteristic that builds respect and loyalty as well as a supportive and safe work environment. Distrust increases tension and negative "on guard" behavior, which can erode the spirit of the team and ultimately productivity.


Below are six steps to build trust in the workplace.


1. Be Honest 诚实

The first step in building trust is to be honest.


* Tell the truth. Even small lies and twisted truths are still lies.


* Share honest information, even if it's to your disadvantage.


* Don't steal -- on expense reports, from the supply cabinet, or your colleagues.


2. Use Good Judgment 好的判断力

The second step is to know what information to share, when to share it, and when not to share it.


* Protect employee's personal information, company or competitors' proprietary information as if it were your own.


* Think twice before sharing a blunt, unsolicited judgment. Extreme honesty may hurt the recipient, ironically destroying trust and the safe environment.


* Don't expect apologies to erase your wrongdoings. Apologies might earn a forgive, but perhaps not a forget.


* Avoid "just between us" secret conversations unless necessary to the benefit of the company.


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