Negative. The curriculum is too hard for me. I guess I will have a hard time finding a job when I graduate. We are not encouraged to exchange ideas with other students. I hate the force-feeding approach to teaching. But sometimes what they teach in class is over my head. My teachers are so strict. It seems very few Chinese teachers encourage their students to explore areas that are beyond academic boundaries. But extracurricular activities can be time-consuming. I have a heavy class load this term. The canteen food is atrocious. The cafeteria food is atrocious. It's important to be bilingual today. Affirmative. Understanding English enables you to understand the English-speaking cultures better. Reading English novels and online magazines is an excellent way to boost your vocabulary. English abilities give you a competitive edge and improve your chances of employment. We can travel the world with few language barriers if we speak good English. Negative. You are considered “left behind" if you can't speak English. Learning a foreign language takes time and energy. There're plenty of test-taking techniques. But as a matter of fact, there're no shortcuts to learning a foreign language.
反方 这门课程对我来说太难了。 我想在毕业之后找到一份工作会很艰难。 我们与其他学生交流想法是不被鼓励的。 我反感填鸭型的教学方式。 但有时候我听不懂他们在课堂上讲的内容。 我的老师非常严格。似乎只有很少的中国老师鼓励其学生去探索超出其学生课程界限的领域。 但是课外活动是非常耗时间的。 我这学期的课也负担很重。 食堂里的饭菜极其之难吃。 自助餐厅里的饭菜极其之难吃。 在如今,成为通晓两门语言的人是非常重要的。 正方 懂英语能够帮助你更好地理解英语文化。 读英文的小说和网络杂志是扩大词汇量的好方法。 英语能力能让你拥有竞争优势并且增加你被录用的机会。 如果我们英语说得很好,那么我们在环游世界的时候就不会遇到多少语言障碍了。 反方 如果你不会说英语的话,你就会被视作“落伍”了。 学一门外语既耗时间又耗精力。 应付考试有很多应试技巧。但实际上,学习外语却没什么捷径。 翻译by 凭栏观澜