I am just one discrete unit discharged here for a certain purpose, when my government notices the discrepancy of my absence, they will discern the potential disaster, and hire a replacement. That is something we are all trained to understand. Every diplomat is expendable. We can each be discarded at a moment's notice and our policy will not change." "A sick system if you ask me!" Said the captor, tiring of the discourse and turning to dip his spoon in to stir a cup of tea. "And one that needs to be discredited. Well, do not discount the power of negative press and death during kidnapping. When I have disclosed the ransom that I want, your government will pay it and even issue me an honorary diploma from Harvard if I so ask for it." The captor stirred his tea and slowly lifted his head. "And they will honor my request for discretion as well. I have your wife and daughter in another location!" At those words the ambassador lost all hope and lowered his head.