Listen to a short talk about the abbreviations used on the Internet.



TAFN (that’s all for now)

BCNU (be seein’ you). 



The list of commonly abbreviated phrases on the Net is nearly endless. As a matter of fact, AAMOF stands for “as a matter of fact," and “believe it or not" gets posted as BION. Are there any pre-Information-Age abbreviations still making the rounds in this high-tech era? You bet. The old standbys FYI, MYOB and SOP which stands for “for your information," “mind your own business," and “standard operating procedure" are still frequently used today even in email. Since time is getting short, has the Net given us truly short and clear ways to say good-bye? Try TAFN (that's all for now), and BCNU (be seein' you).
经常在网上使用的缩写语简直数不胜数。实际上,AAMOF表示“实际上”,而“信不信由你”则用BION表示。 在信息技术时代之前就存在的缩略语还有没有仍在使用的呢?那是当然啦。过去经常使用的FYI, MYOB 以及 SOP,分别表示:“仅供参考”,“管好你自己吧”,“标准操作程序”,这些缩略语,直至今日即使在写邮件的时候仍被频繁使用。 现在大家的时间越来越紧,那么网络有没有给我们说再见的简洁明了的表达方式呢?用TAFN吧(表示就到这儿吧),和BCNU(再见)。