Listen to the following holidays which are observed in different areas around the world.


Bastille Day

Canal Zone

Philippine islands




August 15 is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. It is held according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. People eat moon cakes while looking at the bright full moon. April Fools' Day is on April 1. In some European countries and in North America, people play practical jokes or tricks on each other and those unsuspecting victims are called April fools. July 14 is Bastille Day. It is an annual holiday in France to commemorate the fall of the Bastille. December 26 is Boxing Day in Britain, Canada, and the U. S. It is observed as a holiday from the custom of giving Christmas boxes to the tradesmen and staff on this day. May Day, known also as International Labor Day, is a public holiday in many European countries, the Canal Zone, Philippine islands, and the Latin American countries. It falls on May 1, and is celebrated especially by the working people.
中国农历8月15是中国的中秋节,人们在这天会一边欣赏满月一边吃月饼。 4月1日是愚人节。在一些欧洲和北美国家,人们会互相搞些恶作剧或开玩笑,而那些毫不设防的“受害者”就被称作“愚人”。 7月14日称作巴士底日,是法国的国庆日,人们以此庆祝攻占巴士底狱的胜利。 12月26日是英国、加拿大、美国的节礼日。商人和雇员在圣诞节后的第一个工作日,会收到合作伙伴或雇主的圣诞礼物,这些礼物通常被称为“圣诞节盒子”(Christmas Boxes),因此这个节日被称作Boxing day。 5月1日是众所周知的国际劳动节,很多欧洲国家、运河区、菲律宾以及拉丁美洲国家都会庆祝这个节日,尤其是劳动人民都会在5月1日庆祝这个节日。