IELTS SPEAKING TEST - PART 2 Describe a famous city in China. You should say: where the city is why it is important whether you visited it before and explain whether you think it will be better in the future. Hints: Xintiandi City God Temple 文中有1处连字符~
Shanghai is the largest city of China in terms of population. In terms of area though, I guess the largest one should be Beijing coz Beijing is so sprawling while Shanghai is dense. Shanghai is definitely a world-class city and an economic powerhouse. The history of Shanghai is actually, kind of short, like...I'm not sure, 200 years maybe. In many ways, Shanghai was a Western invention. The Bund is the best spot to see its colonial past. Now the city is a popular tourist destination, famous for attractions like the classy Xintiandi, the bustling City God Temple, the peaceful Century Parks, the gorgeous gardens and lawns, and the breath-taking Pudong skyline. Every time I went there, I could spot something new. It's so dynamic. And the bar and club scene in Shanghai is incredible. By the way, the Shanghai dialect sounds pretty cute. I enjoyed mimicking it when I was there.