Hint: Maestro
"This piece is filled with more complication than I could ever have conceived of composing." Said the composer to the newspaper journalist. "You see, the song is comprised of a variety of separate elements that are concealed within the song. I concede that they may be hard to detect in the beginning, but like a concave bowl, with everything gathered together in the middle that you can only understand when you come out. You understand in the end as they are compounded in such a manner so that they compliment each other in a beautiful and compulsory finale." "Yes, I have heard your explanation before, Maestro." Responded the journalist in a kind manner. "And we honor your reputation greatly. But others just cannot comprehend this piece of music that you have written!
“这部作品比我能够想像的创作要复杂得多。”作曲家对报社记者说,“你看,这首歌由多种不同的元素组成,而且这些元素都隐藏在歌曲中。我承认,人们开始可能很难察觉,然而它们就像一只凹形的碗一样,所有的东西都集中在中间,你只有出来的时候才能了解。你最终会了解到所有东西混合在一起,相互映衬,构成一首优美而必须有的终曲。” “是的,大师,我以前听过你的解释。”记者友善地回答道,“我们很尊重您的名声。可是别人就是没法理解您写的这首曲子。”